In this exciting transformation, Forsage has evolved into the global Force system, now better and more optimized than ever.

Forsage Comparison: Old vs. New

Prepare for the imminent launch of Force Classic, a program that harks back to Forsage’s original concept. In the past, the x3 and x4 programs were introduced due to technical constraints. However, activation of x3 and x4 now happens simultaneously in the new Forsage, enabling seamless interaction.

Thanks to an advanced team of programmers, the new Forsage offers a more robust platform.

Understanding the Matrix

The new Forsage introduces a classical matrix. The slots follow this pattern: 1st and 2nd levels – x4, 3rd level – x3, and this sequence repeats.

Notably, reactivations and upgrades are a crucial part. Initially, USDT is used, and later, your coin will come into play. An oracle will ensure price adjustments.

Additionally, upon matrix activation, you receive a product, a significant change from the previous version.

Getting Started for Beginners

To embark on a Force business, you’ll need USDT on the POLYGON network, a stablecoin always equal to the dollar. Simple instructions can guide you, and blockchain wallets are designed for mass users.

Remember that transactions require a small amount of MATIC coins for fees. Registration is the first step, followed by activations without the need for re-registration.

Forsage Classic Marketing

Activating the 1st matrix level costs 5 USDT during the pre-launch, but this will double after the full start. Payments instantly go to your upline partner, filling your matrix as well. You have 6 spots in your matrix, with payouts from the 2nd line.

Reactivations, or reinvestments, are vital, and the new Forsage has both auto-reactivation and auto-upgrade modes. Auto-upgrade helps you maintain active matrices for continuous profit.

Matrix Levels in the New Program

The Force Classic program comprises 12 matrix slots. Every three levels, the sequence repeats, offering various matrix structures.

Prestart and Next Steps

During the pre-launch, slot levels are discounted by 50%. Those who join early will enjoy these discounts and priority access to Force.

After the Force launch, more features and surprises are on the horizon, further expanding the program’s appeal.

Ultimately, the new Forsage promises a profitable venture. Your income potential is vast, and you have the flexibility to choose your level of investment and involvement.

Join us as we embark on this journey together in the new Forsage – Force.

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