Don’t hope — Don’t despair either. Don’t hope for the better. Just be better.

words cuts like swords and writers like Mark Manson don’t like to sugarcoat the words, he likes to make them simple and truthful and present them to the readers, and people sort of like it. and then he tells you the Uncomfortable Truth, makes you swallow this pill, and then tells you to move ahead.

There are many many many key points you will get if you read this book. This book is this “book” is more like a collection of essays, blog posts, and articles, and a few heroes are also mentioned. Here are a few key points I want to share with you that I like about this book. But if you read it yourself it would be much easier for you to find which one you like the best according to your taste.

Everyone has a color — it’s your personality. More importantly, it’s your tribe


what s self-worth? it means how you value yourself. hope will provide you with a narrative of a better future. And in this way, we give meaning to our lives. sometimes we believe that we are the center of the universe and everything should revolve around us. if you think I am wrong well! I can be but sometimes when things happened around us for us and by us, this means I am the universe of all the problems solutions, troubles, happiness, sadness soreness, and many other emotions basically, I mean to say that whatever we experience. And by these experiences, we decide our self-worth and now if you take a look at this sentence it has some meaning, “A feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect”.

“Freedom itself demands discomfort.”

The Real Freedom

If you want to talk about hope it will make you happy and when you have hope it will automatically help you to progress. When you sometimes think of pleasure it will lead you to the path of freedom and if you are free and you are not bound to anyone then it will give you what you want without any distraction and hope will play the role of lightning in your freedom path. sometimes distractions imprisoned you. when a person is in pain it will sometimes lead you to real freedom. The sacrifices you are going to make and commitments you are going to make these all will make you decide what you will achieve and what you want; and when you are free from all the flooded diversions and you consciously make decisions for your growth, and that’s what you will call proudly a real freedom.

.“The opposite of happiness is hopelessness, an endless gray horizon of resignation and indifference. It’s the belief that everything is f*cked, so why do anything at all?” — Mark MansonClick to Tweet

Why don’t we do things we know we should do? — Because we don’t feel like it.

This World Runs On Feeling

just try to imagine yourself in a moving car and let your brain hold the driving seat and let your emotions hold the passenger seat. Now your brain is holding the steering wheel, and your emotions will play the role of distraction. your emotions will do all the talking with the brain to distract it and most likely your brain is going to take the wrong turns your emotions are the one that drives you and your brain is the navigator which will help you find the optimal route for you.

Our emotional reactions to whatever problem we have don’t determine by the size of the problem, but our minds do fit this problem according to the stress we will intend to experience. Thus, the problem is that our brain can’t control our emotions but emotions do influence us to some great extent, and self-control is emotional and it can be problematic.

Why don’t we do things we know we should do? — Because we don’t feel like it.

There Is No Such Thing As Change Without Pain

well if you ask me I am going to say pain is the source of all values. pain basically opens up moral gaps if we numb ourselves to our pain then we numbed ourselves to anything which matters to us in this world we can say a person’s heart became stone. when we deny the ability to feel any kind of pain for any purpose, then we are denying the ability to feel the pain for a purpose. now according to the author, he said pain can be handled in two ways Innovations (upgrade pain) and Diversions (avoid pain), now let see what these pains say:

  1. Innovations (upgrade pain): If I have to say in short words I will say replacing one super tolerable pain with the other less tolerable pain.
  2. Diversions (avoid pain): In short, this means numbing your pain. If this thing becomes the dominator in your life then oh man! you are in big trouble. Because this can be so problematic and getting out of this can be hard, so you better watch out. you want an example so here it is doing stuff which not important instead of the stuff which is important like watching movies and Netflix instead of preparing for your exam.

Key points I am going to highlight:

  • #1: The Opposite Of Happiness Is Not Anger Or Sadness
  • #2: You Have Two Brains, and They’re Bad at Talking to Each Other
  • #3: Why Don’t We Do The Things We Know We Should Do?
  • #4: There Is No Such Thing As Change Without Pain
  • #5: The World Runs on One Thing: Feelings
  • #6: Love People Without Expecting Anything in Return
  • #7: Don’t Hope for Better. Just Be Better

Take-away Lesson

  • Improve yourself if you want to improve this world and this is the only way we can make this world a better place.
  • Pain is part of life, embrace it. this is something you can’t avoid and you should not. If you want to numb it use drugs but my advice doesn’t do that.
  • understand what real freedom is and that sometimes our all problems are emotional and we will feel a lot better if we try to control them but don’t be emotionless and Focus on non-transactional things.

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