9th Class Chemistry Notes 

Chapter Names
1. Fundamentals of Chemistry
2. Structure of Atoms
3. Periodic table and Periodicity of Properties
4. Structure of Molecules
5. Physical States of Matter
6. Solution
7. Electrochemistry
8. Chemical Reactivity

Chemistry 9th Class Chapter 1 Notes 

Chapter Name: Fundamentals of Chemistry

MCQs Chapter 1

Short Questions Ch 1

Long Questions Ch 1

Chapter 2 Notes  Chemistry 9th Class

Chapter Name: Structure of Atoms

MCQs Chapter 2

Short Questions Ch 2

Long Questions Ch 2

9th Class Chapter 3 Notes Chemistry 

Chapter Name: Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

MCQs Chapter 3

Short Questions Ch 3

Long Questions Ch 3

Chapter 4 Notes  9th Class Chemistry 

Chapter Name: Structure of Molecules

MCQs Chapter 4

Short Questions Ch 4

Long Questions Ch 4

Chemistry Notes Chapter 5 Class 9th 

Chapter Name: Physical States of Matter

MCQs Chapter 5

Short Questions Ch 5

Long Questions Ch 5

Chapter 6 Notes  Chemistry 9th Class  

Chapter Name: Solutions

MCQs Chapter 6

Short Questions Ch 6

Long Questions Ch 6

Chemistry Notes Chapter 7 Class 9th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Electrochemistry

MCQs Chapter 7

Short Questions Ch 7

Long Questions Ch 7

PDF Download 9th Class Chapter 8 Chemistry Notes

Chapter Name: Chemical Reactivity

MCQs Chapter 8

Short Questions Ch 8

Long Questions Ch 8

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