When it comes to social trends this year, it doesn’t get much bigger than stories every day is a new challenge. Well! If we talk about fun nowadays it comes with social sites. Over 1,000 million people use many social sites, and it’s a big platform.

On these social sites, they put all they do in their daily routine, what makes them happy and what doesn’t, and all they pail up in a single story and upload it and what they want the world to see. Most people pick what they really like from others and make it more viral and poof, it becomes a trend.

It’s so simple nowadays to make anything trendy. Whether it is in the fashion category gaming and a lot more that fascinates them.

Self-expression and connection is the fundamental need of human beings.

Here I will enlist the most trending apps now a day’s which all people to have fun.

1. 9GAG: funny gifs, pics fresh memes, and viral videos.

2. 7 minutes workout.

3. YouTube.

4. Trending-All in one app.

now let’s see what qualities all the above trendy apps hold.

· 9GAG: funny gifs, pics fresh memes, and viral videos.

It has unlimited funny gifs, pictures, and videos. And it’s the best entertaining community on the play app you will find with 10M+ downloads. If we see its reviews it’s more than a million and it’s trendy, now a day’s social platforms are more viral than any other news channel. It allows you to scroll effortlessly, make your pick-up and give you a good laugh. Well, here you have unlimited fun just right on your phone, if though you aren’t near your friends you can share with them even if you are distant, and still can make you feel like you are near and having fun.

· 7-minute workout.

Well! Everyone is cautious about their health they want to look fit. You can stay home and can be your own coach, this app instructs you and can help to maintain your fitness…this app is a feature-by-play app, in over 19 countries this app is on the most hit list and over 3 million users love this 7 minutes workout. Strengthen your abdominal, if you wish to have a flat tummy and lose weight is the most hit list on everyone’s workout list. This 7 minutes workout is HIGH-INTENSITY CIRCUIT TRANING (HICT) which proves that it is the safest, most effective, and most efficient app.

· YouTube

YouTube is the most trending app on play app. it’s a power source of entertainment. It allows the user to upload to watch videos of any sort it can be on any niche. It’s over 5 billion+ downloads. You can enjoy all your favorite videos and channels in just one click. With one click, you will be able to see what’s happening in the world. It is also the best source of teaching, you can learn from it by not even attending any class.

.Trending-All in one app.

Google, YouTube, re-edit, Twitter, Wikipedia, and news trends are all just in a single click. If you want to know what the world is up to this app is definitely for you. It keeps you updated with all the viral videos on YouTube, top hit posts for you to read on re-edit, trending hashtags on Twitter, and top news for 70+ news sources, just on your figure tip. It has over 50 thousand+, downloads on the play app.

It’s not just your Smartphone that is connected to the internet these days. We live in the era of gadgets and household objects that come with Wi-Fi-enabled features. Soon our entire homes and cities could thrive on a connected network where every device, machine, and thing can communicate with one another to perform and automate tasks.

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