Healthy benefits: Effects of reading books on the human mind

Words are a lens to focus one’s


The healthier and one of the best hobbies in the world is
readings. If you ask me what reading is I would say it’s the best way to
entertain yourself, it’s relaxing; it’s probably the most astonishing thing you
are doing to yourself.

There was a Japanese woman named “Murasaki Shikibu”, and people
believe that she wrote the world’s first novel. It was a 54-chapter story named “The Tale of Genji” in the 11th century.

Now if you ask yourself what exactly do human gets from reading books? Is there any benefit beyond enjoyment or it’s just a matter of pleasure?
Well! If we look for a scientific answer is YES.


Reading books not only benefits your mental
but also helps you physically and as a matter of fact, these
benefits can last a lifetime.


books: healthy effects on the human mind


Reading book is an activity that not only Sharpe
your mind but it’s made you stronger, boot up your relationship, and make you

As many physical exercises make your body
healthier, but for your brain reading books work for you, as it
strengthens your neuronal path and also makes new ones?

Research says viewing prolonged TV, for children especially,
may change the brain in unhealthy ways. And research also shows that reading
benefits the brain.

 If you want a
healthier brain here are a few smart reasons to help you out….

books make you intelligent

books Boost your brain power

books make you more empathetic

helps against Alzheimer’s disease

books helps you relate

books prepare you for a good night’s rest.

Now let’s talk about how reading books make our brain work
and what we experience.


How it affects
our mind


Reading books regularly not only increases your brain power but also makes you smarter. It increases your memory function by giving a good workout
to your brain.

Reading changes our minds literally. Research using MRI scans
confirmed, reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in our
brain these networks also get more sophisticated and stronger as your reading
ability matures it.

1.       Increase

Whenever you read you fill your head with new bits of words and information. The
more information you have the more it’s easy for you to tackle any kind of
challenge. You might lose everything you have right now but-Knowledge is the
only thing in the world that no one can take away from you.

2.       Improves

you read a book with assorted characters, they have different backgrounds,
their history is different, as well as sub-plotting and arcs going in the story.
A fair bit to remember, but the brain is one of existing the marvelous things that can remember these kinds of things with relative ease.

amazing fact about our brain is when we create a new memory it forges new synapses,
and strengthen the existing ones, not only it stabilized the mood but also improves short-term memory recall.

more you read the more you engage your brain parts which helps you to keep your
memory strong.

3.       Reduces
the stress

you make a habit of reading regularly you will feel more relaxed no matter how
hard was your day, how stressful you are about your work, and many other
countless issues you’re facing, a good book can take your mind to a whole new
level. Some Research shows that reading books can reduce up to 68 percent of your stress, it doesn’t really
matter what book you are diviner into it will seriously escape you from the
high amount of stress.

studies found that reading books is as effective as yoga, as it lowers the heart
rate and blood pressure and some psychologically distressful feelings.

4.       Another
good idea: reading a book before bed

According to one
clinic (I really don’t know the name but I know I read it somewhere) reading a        book before bed helps you relax more
than watching a screen. As screen things (like tabs, phones, and yeah e-reading)
can make you up a little longer and yes it’s hurt your sleep. When you read
a book before bed it’s the time when your body gives you a signal that it’s time to wind down and go to a sound sleep. So I suggest you use printed books
rather than e-books because the light which emits from the screen can harm you
before going to bed.

Some doctors also
suggest that if you have trouble falling asleep it’s better to read
elsewhere than in your bedroom.

5.       Want
to build a strong  vocabulary

the idea “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” as this Concept applies
to earning money, well this also goes for the vocabulary.

you want to increase your vocabulary skills reading books is the best thing
you will ever do for yourself. If you want to learn a new context, exposure to new
words by reading books actually can help you with that. Increasing vocabulary can
help one’s communicate in an effective and better way

6.       Increase
the ability to empathize

others’ pain is not an easy task, people who read fiction stories usually
explore the inner lives of the assorted characters, and it not only shows the ability
to understand other feelings and beliefs. As this ability is known as the “theory
of mind”

As this ability is
also helpful in essential skills which build, maintain, and navigates social

Long-term fiction
readers have the tendency to develop a better theory of mind. Fiction has a power
that allows helps the reader that allows him to read other people’s emotions, and what
might be they thinking now.

It’s a good habit to read regularly, especially for children
at an early age. It’s never too late to take advantage of something which helps you
boost your mental health or maybe makes you physically stronger.

As you can know reading is so healthy for all generations.
It not only increases your brain power but also increases your knowledge which
no one can take away from you, and it helps in many parts of your life. So now
what you are waiting for? Go get a book

If you are physics lover these portion is for you:

There are a few superb material science books accessible for self-study. The following are ten suggestions that cover different points and are reasonable for various degrees of understanding:

“The Feynman Talks on Physical science” by Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton, and Matthew Sands.

“College Physical science” by Hugh D. Youthful and Roger A. Freedman.

“Ideas of Current Material science” by Arthur Beiser.

“Traditional Mechanics” by John R. Taylor.

“Prologue to Electrodynamics” by David J. Griffiths.

“Quantum Mechanics: Ideas and Applications” by Nouredine Zettili.

“Prologue to Strong State Physical science” by Charles Kittel.

“Current Material science for Researchers and Architects” by John Morrison.

“Molecule Physical science: An Extremely Short Presentation” by Forthcoming Close.

“Astronomy for Individuals in a Rush” by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

These books give a strong groundwork in physical science ideas, going from old style mechanics to quantum mechanics and astronomy. It is prescribed to choose books in light of your ongoing degree of understanding and interest, as some might be more reasonable for fledglings while others are further developed. Moreover, supplementing your self-study with online assets, talks, and critical thinking practice can improve your growth opportunity..

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