‘Personal finance is 20% head knowledge and 80% behavior’.

We want more and more of it when it comes to Money and Power. To support yourself and your family one should have a good amount of money. And being an Adult you will find it the hardest job to make enough amount of money to fulfill your needs and your loved one’s needs.

The question which perplexes the majority of the people is why? it is difficult to make money and how we can make enough to cater to all our needs. “Making millions of dollars is like breeding rabbits. It’s much easier when you start with two.” If you have any one of the following which I am going to list below trust me you have a true give and should now waste your time. There are a few things that I want to highlight that if you want to make a lot of money you must know:

  1. Passion — what you’re passionate about
  2. Talent — at which you are good enough

3. The Market — what the market needs

spend less than you earn and invest the difference”

Now I will enlighten you with a few reasons why is it hard to keep the money and to earn it.

A Great Deal of Courage is needed while making money

let’s take a look from the book “The Millionaire Next Door “ how the author have describe the importance of courage if you want to build wealth:


Courageous people, and entrepreneurs, recognize the fear in what they are doing. But they deal with it. They overcome their fears. That’s why they are successful.

Building Courage is hard . if a person has to face a choice between two things courage and convenience, from my perspective he will choose convenience. how can you build your courage here are a few steps which will help you:

  • Acknowledge your fears and confront them
  • Try to be comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Find a good mentor
  • Try your best to Embrace failure
  • Don’t aim for perfection
  • Positive self-talk


For now, just try to imagine where you are going to stand in the next 20 to 25 years. would you be happy that you had made most of your life easier or would be filled with regrets?

If you are passionate about something and you take your passion and make work out of it, trust me you will be counting yourself as the most successful person and you will make a good amount of money out of your passion.

Here is what you have to find yourself in out to know what you don’t know how to make a good amount of money, so here is what you are going to do take and pen and paper and write the following,

  • The things that you love and hate to do on a sheet of paper.
  • Grade your proficiency in each task or activity.
  • Urge your family and friends to also add to this list as well.
  • You should now have a profile of your abilities and skills.

Lack of Patience

K. Anders Ericsson studied how people become experts in their fields.” It takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert” so hers is the rule which you can follow to cover your patience.

patience gives you the ability to see the bigger picture which you cannot see if you lack patience.

“There is nothing wrong with getting rich slowly.” Warren Buffet.

And the biggest key to making more money is playing a long-term game. if you are looking for any secret I have given you above just be patient. and play a long-term game. And if you are looking for any quick hacks also or DIYS sorry you are wrapping your head on something that can’t support making money.

Now time for some Final Thoughts

Sacrifice becomes an essential part of any success story, and staying honest is the best foundation when you are taking a step toward your money journey.

Everyone has different approaches to their finances, and every work we do must be best for us.

Increasing your income is a critical skill. It will boost your confidence in your ability to provide value to the marketplace. It can lay the foundation for exponential growth. And of course, it can help you generate a surplus to invest.

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